Strength Training Exercises for the muscular body

 Strength Training Exercises for the muscular body

The strength training exercises include all those exercises which aim to increase the muscle strength. Some of the most important and useful strength training exercises  by Vince Delmonte are described below with best how to do techniques.

List Of Top 10 Strength Training Exercises for muscular body in 2021
List Of Top 10 Strength Training Exercises for the muscular body in 2021

Biceps Curl:

This exercise helps to isolate and develop bicep muscle. For this exercise, stand tall with your feet open to your feet width and your palm forward, grasp the bar and start moving it to upward till it reaches up to your chest. Then lower it again to its initial position.

Wall Push ups:

This exercise aim at the strength of the arm muscles and upper body muscles. Stand along a wall at an arm length. Put your hands on the wall and lean towards the wall. Let your arm take your weight. Repeat for 10 – 15 times.


For this exercise stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Start bending your hips and knees until your hips are parallel to the ground. Move upward and repeat the exercise.


This exercise helps to strengthen your hamstring. Stand tall with your feet shoulder width apart. Take a long step forward and bend your hind knee enough to make a right angle between your thigh and shin. Lift the heel of the back foot so that your front foot can take more weight of your body. Try to stretch and then move back. Repeat for considerable times to get good results.


It is a basic weight lifting exercise which involves lifting of a heavy weight from the ground to above head height.

Pull ups:

Hold a barbell with somewhat close hands and lift it up to your chin. It involves upper body muscles.

Barbell curls:

This exercise involves the curling of barbells to your chin while standing up right.

Dumbbell shrug:

The dumbbells are held with lose hands on sides. Pull the shoulder upward and then lower down.

Chin ups: 

It involves lifting your body up to the bar and it helps in development of back muscles.


These isolate the chest and involve the biceps and triceps also.

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