Veeam Backup for beginners Step by Step Guide

Veeam Backup -Veeam is a kind of software. This company was formed in 2006. At present, a total of 2000 workers are working in it. Its customers are in more than 200 countries. They come under Fortune 500 companies. Its recovery is much faster.

 Which we can easily download in our window. These are a kind of backup tool which is used to take backup. If you want to back up your data then you can use it. To understand this software well, we will see it with some examples, suppose there is a storage which is connected with a system, in Which you have installed this tool and that system makes one indifferent cloud computing database. Like if you have kept this system connected to Avas, Azure database, then this system makes one system in it.

Veeam Backup for beginner Step by Step Guide
Veeam Backup for beginner Step by Step Guide 

Veeam Availability Suite -

Veeam availability suite delivers availability for the modern data center to enable the always-on business 

1. high-speed recovery -rapid recovery of what you want the way you want it.

2. Data loss avoidance -near-continuous data protection and streamlined disaster recovery 

3.verified protection- guaranteed recovery of every file application or virtual server, every time 

4. Levarged data - using backup data to create an exact copy of your production environment.

5. complete visibility- proactive monitoring and alerting of issues before they result in operational impact.

How does veeam work?

veeam was designed for virtualized environments (sweet spot: >50% virtualized data center) RTO(Recovery Time Objective )/RPO(Recovery Point Objective).

think "speedy and specific
data recovery=availability

Veeam Backup for Step by Step Guide
Veeam Backup for Step by Step Guide 

Veeam Backup & Replication

Talking about Veeam backup and replication, it has 100% reliability of backup, and it has the best RTOs and RPOs. for replication. The recovery in this is very fast and flexible. Its special thing is that it runs a continuous backup. Imagine if we have an active directory in our environment, such as running a web server, running an email server, or running a file server. Imagine if an object is deleted from us inside Active Directory. Or if a user is deleted, then we can easily restore that user and that deleted data from its backup.

Veeam Backup for Step by Step Guide
Veeam Backup for Step by Step Guide 

Veeam Recovery types

Entire VM recovery-

1. full VM recovery - recover an entire VM on the original host or no a different host.

2. instant VM Recovery- quickly restore service to users by starting a VM directly from a backup file on regular backup storage.

3. VM file and virtual disk recovery- recover individual VM files(such as VMX) AND Virtual disks (vhd,vhdx or vmdk).

4.veeam Restore to Microsoft azure - you can directly or migrate on-premises, window-based, or Linux-based VMs, and physical servers into Microsoft azure.

File-level recovery-

Instant file-level recovery -Recover files from 19 common file systems used by Windows, Linux, Mac os, Novell, Solaris, and Unix

Item level recovery -.

1.veeam explorer for Microsoft active directory- you can search restore for all active directory object types, such as users, groups, computers, and contacts, including user and computer password recovery.

2.veeam explorer for Microsoft exchange- Microsoft exchange 2010,2013 and 2016 backups for items recovery of individual exchange items(emails, appointments, notes, contacts, etc.), online archive mailboxes.

3.veeam explorer for Microsoft SQL server- restore individual SQL databases and transaction log files.

4.veeam Explorer for oracle - restore individual oracle database and transaction log files

5.veeam Explorer for Microsoft SharePoint- you can get instant visibility into SharePoint backups with an advanced search and browse facility for quick recovery of individual SharePoint items and entire sites.

Self Service -

1. file and VM recovery portal for help desk support- restore guest files and VMs with a single click from a web user interface.

2. Microsoft Exchange item recovery portal for help desk support- restore missing mailbox items back to the original mailbox with a single click through a web user interface.

3. Database recovery portal for Microsoft SQL  DBAs- restore individual databases back to the original server or a new SQL server with a single click through a web user interface.

4. Self-service file restore portal for application owners- file restore portal with automatic VM detection, and automatic delegation based on local administrator group membership.

5. Recovery delegation- enable full self-service for all web user interface recovery features by delegating recoveries for individual VMs and groups of VMs to specific users or groups such as local IT Staff, application owners, department members, etc.

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