How Can You Use OLIVE OIL For Hemorrhoids – Best 8

Best 8 Methods of Olive Oil for Hemorrhoids:

There are mostly more than 11 million people who are suffering from hemorrhoids. They are also known as piles and appear in veins in the rectum and anus. There is no denying that they can be too much painful, swollen, and inflamed. A person thinks not to cure them and leave and eventually ends up making it worse by infecting skin problems. There are two kinds of hemorrhoids one is external and the other is internal. You don’t need to rely on any commercial treatments instead you can use Olive Oil for Hemorrhoids which can be so much beneficial to treat them entirely. The internal hemorrhoids are developing inside the rectum, and external ones form below the anus skin.

How Can You Use OLIVE OIL For Hemorrhoids
How Can You Use OLIVE OIL For Hemorrhoids 

Many causes lead to hemorrhoids including, having low fiber diets, constipation, allergy to foods, lack of physical exercise, sitting for too long, pregnancy, obesity, or lifting heavy things. If hemorrhoids are left unchecked, then it can lead to several dead tissues and loss of too much blood you can have anal cancer.

But before you jump to any conclusion first you need to be aware of some symptoms of them like, irritation near the area of the anal, bleeding during a bowel movement, showing blood clots near the anus, and much more. Fortunately, they can be cured using home remedies, and Olive Oil is the best you can use in the home. Below you will find out everything about it with complete details.

Can Olive Oil for Hemorrhoids prove effective for curing Hemorrhoids?

    • It has the anti-inflammation properties that can reduce swelling and soothe the area

    • OLIVE OIL can increase blood elasticity in vessels and make bowel movements pass through easily even on harder stools

    • The intake of olive oil can improve bowel movements and functions in the right ways thanks to its fatty acids

    • It can help to shrink hemorrhoids quickly

    • It also gives relief from irritation and itching

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8 Home Remedies of Olive Oil for Hemorrhoids that actually work

You can use Olive Oil in several ways using with other home ingredients for hemorrhoids. You can pick any of the remedies for your convenience and try them regularly. Usually, people have their doubts regarding ‘’can olive oil heal piles’’ you can find your answer once you decide to go for it in the first place and see positive results.

1) Use PLUM LEAVES and OLIVE OIL for Hemorrhoids:

This remedy will give you relief from swelling, pain, and discomfort.

    • Take some handful leaves of plum and crush them to make juice

    • Now add three tsp olive oil and mix

    • Apply on the areas of hemorrhoids

    • Repeat two times on a daily basis

2) Use ISPAGHOL and OLIVE OIL for Hemorrhoids:

    • Take one tsp of ISPAGHOL and two tsp olive oil

    • Mix well and drink it

    • Repeat 3 times each day

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3) Use LAVENDER OIL and OLIVE OIL for hemorrhoids:

Lavender oil is a pain-relieving and antibacterial that can help to remove burning sensation and itching in the anus.

    • First, take some drops of lavender oil and olive

    • Use a cotton ball to soak and apply to the affected area

    • Leave for 5 minutes and wash

    • Follow this process two times every day

4) Use Simple OLIVE OIL for hemorrhoids:

Using Olive Oil for Hemorrhoids can also be very effective in stopping them from evolving. It has all the natural properties to heal skin tissues and is perfect for internal usage.

    • Take olive oil and mix it with a little bit of water

    • Drink it on an empty stomach on a regular basis

    • You can also use a cotton ball to dip in it and apply to the hemorrhoids three times every day

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5) Use TURMERIC and OLIVE OIL for hemorrhoids:

Turmeric can stop excessive bleeding and works as a healing agent to prevent any more hemorrhoids.

    • First, take equal amounts of powder of turmeric and olive oil

    • Apply it to the areas of hemorrhoids

    • Now allow it to dry entirely

    • Repeat it whenever you are suffering from it

6) Use VICKS, GARLIC, and OLIVE OIL for hemorrhoids:

    • Take two cloves of garlic and mince it and add 4 tbsp olive oil

    • After that put one tsp of VICKS vapor rub and combine them well

    • Make a paste and use a cotton ball to apply to the areas of hemorrhoids

    • Perform this procedure one time daily

7) Use LEMON and OLIVE OIL for hemorrhoids:

Lemon has all the essential nutrients that can provide relief from hemorrhoids. Those who are suffering from it have their doubts about ‘’how to use olive oil for piles’’ this remedy will certainly help you to clear your mind.

    • Take equal amounts of juice of lemon and olive oil

    • Mix well and use a cotton ball to apply on area of hemorrhoids

    • Wait for it to dry

    • Repeat three times each day

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8) Use CYPRESS OIL and OLIVE OIL for hemorrhoids:

    • Take three drops of cypress oil and one tbsp olive oil

    • Stir and apply to the areas of anal

    • Leave for some minutes to dry

    • Repeat four times for the whole week

Recommended TIPS you need to follow while using Olive Oil for Hemorrhoids:

    • Try to eat those foods which are rich in fiber, and that can help to soften stools

    • Use water to soak it for 20 minutes that will provide relief from bleeding and pain

    • Always clean the area of the anal daily with lukewarm water

    • Never use toilet paper after bowel movements instead use a wet one

    • Apply cold compress on the affected area to prevent further swelling and pain

    • Drink water as much as you can to keep stools soft

You can give a try the above remedies of Olive Oil for Hemorrhoids to get comfort instantly. They are perfect, and comfortable to use. You can also share your experience with me which will help others to learn how much they are effective.

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